The Trust supports a wide range of applications from urgent personal needs to costs of participation in national events. The Trustees are particularly interested in applications which can contribute in some tangible way to your ongoing personal development.
Our grants to individual young people are normally in the range of £50 to £500 – the amount awarded will depend on your need and your personal (or family) circumstances. If the amount you need is more than we can provide, a grant may be made subject to you securing other funding.
We will try and give you a decision on your application within 4 – 6 weeks of receiving it. However in some situations this make take longer, particularly if we receive incomplete applications and require further information from you.
The Trust will take into account the circumstances of each applicant based on the information provided on the application form.
We normally only make one grant per person in a year (for students this will normally be the academic year) but in an emergency, please talk to us.
Fill in our application form and return it to our office. The form is available as a download from this website, or you can telephone our office to request an application form. If you need help with making an application please just contact us.

The Holywood Trust will not support Post Graduate or Second Degrees courses.