The Robertson Trust new themes are open for new applications.

The Robertson Trust have launched their new strategy for 2020-2030 today.
The new strategy sharpens their focus on helping to improve the lives of people and communities with experience of poverty, trauma or both.
Their Interim Chief Executive Lesley Macdonald said: “At the heart of our new strategy is a recognition of the heavy but unnecessary burden that poverty and trauma place on the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities, and the detrimental impact that can have on their long-term future.”
The Robertson Trust are keen to support the development of multi-agency initiatives and true partnership between organisations with shared goals, cultures and values, which aim to improve how systems can be developed to support solutions to poverty and trauma.
Their future focus will be on three main themes:
• Financial Wellbeing: addressing the financial and material effects of poverty on people and communities.
• Emotional Wellbeing and Relationships: ensuring people have emotional wellbeing, confidence and strength in their relationships with others.
• Educational and Work Pathways: equipping people for the future through learning and skills pathways
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