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Funding Searches
Holywood Trust offers a free service to do funding searches. We offer PIN (Person in
Need) & GIN (Groups in Need) Email and we can send you the
Groups of Young People can now apply for funding to The Holywood Trust. These grants can
be for up to £1000.
For example, financial support provided by the Trust to Groups of Young People could include:
•Activity costs •Trips •A piece of work in the community •A visit to another project
Application forms are now available to download from our website.
Please note the forms must be completed by the Young People applying.

Individual Grants for Young People
Young People can apply to The Holywood Trust for a grant if they are aged 15-25 years old,
normally resident in Dumfries and Galloway and require financial support to move their life forward
in some way.
Examples of support provided from The Holywood Trust:
*Purchase household items for a young person leaving care
*Contribution towards College and University expenses/equipment
*Participation in sporting and cultural activities at regional, national or international level
*Purchase musical instruments, or sporting equipment
This list is by no means exhaustive. If you are in any doubt, please just get in touch. We do not
make retrospective (backdated) awards and 4-6 weeks should be allowed for your
application to be processed.
If we are unable to give you a grant, we can try to help you identify other possible funders by doing
a PIN search for you.
We have leaflets that can provide young people with more information about applying for individual
grants.If you would like to request some for
your Youth Centre/Offices/Info Stands then please email and we’ll get them out to you!

Organisation Grants our application from can be got from our Website We publish our quarterly deadline dates here. Our next deadline for applications over £2,500.00 will be Monday 11th March 2019. If you wish to chat to us about applying please call the office 01387 269176. Applications under £2,500.00 or Individuals can apply anytime.

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