TGB Gatehouse ( AKA The Gatehouse Bunker) need your help

TGB Gatehouse (AKA The Gatehouse Bunker) is looking for donations to help them move into their new
For the past three years, TGB has been going backwards and forwards through several different rental
properties to run its groups and store equipment.
But, this past week they have now agreed a longer-term lease of the old Bank of Scotland premises at 1 High
The group runs on a very tight budget with 20 groups so is looking for cheap or free donations, including
stacking chairs, folding tables, shelving units for a retail space and a smallish office desk. Also needed are a
till for the shop, paint, paint brushes, rollers etc and flooring.
Fundraisers will be held in the near future but if anyone can help in the meantime please get in touch with
project co-ordinator Sara-Leigh Cain by email or by phone on 07850773181.

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