Website Use

Website Use

When using the Holywood Trust’s website two sets of cookies are installed on your computer.  The first is a set which supports the functionality of the website (that is, the site requires them to work properly).  The second relate to Google Analytics; you may have seen the notice at the top of the Home Page when entering the site which gives the choice “Would you like to continue to allow Google Analytics to track your use of this website?”

Google Analytics helps the Trust to:

  • understand how people use the website to help it to improve the users’ experience.
  • understand how users are interacting with the site.

These cookies allow Trust staff to analyse website traffic including:

  • Finding out what brings the most traffic to the website.
  • Determining where website visitors are located.
  • Finding out what people are searching for on the website.
  • Seeing what people click on the most.
  • Seeing what content is most popular with users of the website
  • Identifying the least visited website pages.

No information relating to an individual user is provided to the Trust.

Google’s Privacy Policy may be viewed here: