There is no minimum or maximum amount of financial support that you can apply for. Grants can be a few hundred pounds or several thousand pounds. The level of support will be determined by various factors, but the main ones are the extent to which the funding will address the priorities determined by the Trustees (Trust staff will be able to advise on current priorities) and/or fill a gap in local provision. Other factors include the amount of other funding that will be made available (i.e. leverage), the number and background of the young people who will benefit from the organisation’s work and other demands for funding.
The Trustees usually meet every three months. A deadline date for applications is set prior to each meeting and advertised on our website. For application under £2,500.00 can be submitted at any time. These applications can take up to 4 – 6 weeks to be processed. If your Group/Organisation require a smaller grant of up to £500.00 this can be processed quickly. You still need to complete our Organisational Application Form.
We generally only make one award for a particular project, but the Trust is interested in supporting activities which are innovative and demonstrate high quality rather than “quantity”.
Applications from organisations are considered by the Trustees at quarterly meeting or for smaller amount under £2,500 at a monthly finance meeting.
Fill in our application form and return it to our office. The form is available as a download from this website, or you can telephone our office to request an application form. If you need help with making an application please contact us. For Organisations you can submit applications electronically BUT we also require a hard signed copy with all documents required before your application form can be processed.