LGBT Dumfries & Galloway

LGBT Youth Scotland champions the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender young people across Scotland and works with young people through one to one sessions, clubs and training/information sessions. The organisation provides support to LGBT people, families, friends & supporters, as well as to local agencies wishing to better include LGBT people.

“Pride Group” Partnership Pilot Project:
Our 6 months partnership Pilot project “Pride” youth group with The Youth Enquiry Service within Nithsdale Youth Work which ran from October – March was a great success. The group allowed LGBTI young people accessing Council core youth work services to have support from LGBTYS in their own space, after Y.E.S staff had identified that the young people were not confident to access LGBTYS youth services otherwise.
LGBT Youth Scotland delivered basic LGBT awareness training to all 5 of the Y.E.S staff in preparation for the group commencing.
We ran 21 sessions with 104 overall attendances from 15 individual young people. Sessions delivered were around team building, hate crime, LGBT sexual health, LGBT History Month, visit to LGBT Youth Scotland office, gender, sexuality, World Aids Day awareness, coming out, trans awareness and relationships.
The group also ran 2 additional events initiated by the young participants themselves with support from Y.E.S workers: They attended Pride not Prejudice Lantern Parade within the Big Burns supper and held a bake sale on Purple Friday raising £17.49 which they donated to LGBT Youth Scotland.
Evidence gathered during end of project evaluation showed that:
• Young people felt more confident in their selves and in their own identities
• Young people had a better knowledge of their rights
• Young people knew where to go for LGBTI support locally and nationally
• Young had a better understanding of how their actions impact on others
• Young people were more able to challenge their own and others opinions
• Attending Pride group made a positive difference to young people’s lives (they made new friends, met nice people, enjoyed the workshops)
Feedback from young people:
“Makes my life brighter”
“The people are very nice and accepting, I could talk to them about anything, they are very helpful and understanding”
“Thanks you for everything, you have helped me so much”
“I didn’t know anything about LGBT centre in Dumfries or what goes on but I now know through videos and youth workers, they’re fab and nice”
“I got to visit the LGBTYS centre and new people to talk to – to ask questions”
“New activities for us to do and videos”
“It’s much fun J “
“I am more aware of hate crimes for example saying “that’s Gay””
“Issues are taken seriously and its chilled and issues based”
“It’s well geed”
Feedback from Y.E.S. staff:
“The Pride group has been great firstly for the opportunity to work more closely alongside LGBT Youth again on a project. The staffs at Y.E.S. now have a strong working relationship with the LGBT Youth Staff. The young people who identified the need of the project have also became more confident with understanding the service that LGBT Youth can offer them but also feel that through the project that they were able to access the information and support that they needed in their own environment.
The Pride project has come to an end and unless the need is identified again at a later date by other young people we will continue to sign post young people to the services being delivered at the LGBT Youth Centre. One of the learnings from the project that we feel may be useful for the future would be a toolkit / session plans that youth workers can deliver to their groups or young people where relevant. We have really valued the input from LGBT Youth and the staff time that was put into the project and the legacy is now that we would like to work towards our getting our LGBT Charter Mark.”

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