Let’s Get Sporty

Let’s Get Sporty is a not for profit social enterprise based in
Dumfries & Galloway. We provide young people with training, mentoring
and employment opportunities through the delivery of sport & physical

Let’s Get Sporty was founded in 2011 by Directors David Bradbury and
Kevin Somerville. Our background in training and development, coach
education, mentoring and leadership were brought together into a new
social enterprise group. The aim is to provide an essential sport
service to local communities whilst supporting young people into

Let’s Get Sporty launched in 2011, delivering a 9 hour a week
programme at Georgetown Community Centre with 5 volunteers and one
staff member. Since February 2016, Let’s Get Sporty has grown to over
30 classes per week delivered across Dumfries and Galloway. Let’s Get
Sporty also deliver over 12 weeks of holiday camps per year and over
70 birthday parties per year. Our after-school programme consists of
over 40 classes delivered across Dumfries and Galloway.

In this time, we have supported over 120 trainees into a positive
destination whether it be further education or employment. During
2015/16 alone, we helped support 37 young people on the programme, 95%
of which progressed into employment or further/higher education. The
key fact though for us is that 90% of those employed were out with the
sports industry. This clearly highlights the transferrable skills and
qualities that can be developed through sports coaching and the work
our mentors do with these young people.

In 2015, Let’s Get Sporty were awarded 3rd place in the European
Investment Bank Institute Social Innovation Tournament in recognition
for work with young people. This was a tournament for businesses
throughout the whole of Europe and for us to have finished in 3rd
place shows the fantastic work our mentors are doing with young people
in Dumfries and Galloway.

Aside though from awards such as this, the main thing for us is the
120 people that have come through the programme to then become
independent and work ready. This is the statistic that we are most
proud of and continue to work towards making this a higher and higher

This of course wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of
the Holywood Trust who’s funding throughout the last 5 years has made
the work our mentors and young people have done possible.

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