Desray Coward

For the past year, 20 year old Desray Coward has volunteered at The Devil’s Porridge Museum one day a week.  Her role is Digitisation Collections volunteer.  The Museum has around 4000 objects in its collection and Desray (and other volunteers) are working to create a digital database entry for each and every object in the Museum.  Each database entry takes around 10-20 minutes and Desray has digitised nearly a thousand objects including air raid sirens, photographs, postcards, weapons, bullets, household items, clothing and more.


The work requires precision and attention to detail.  Desray says she has enjoyed finding out more about the past and exploring the Museum’s collection.  Volunteering at the Museum has helped her gain new skills and meet new people.  Desray has a keen interest in photography and is looking forward to the next phase of the project which will be photographing all the objects to add a visual record to the database.  “We love having Desray with us every Monday” says Judith Hewitt, Museum Manager.  “I am really impressed with her work here and we all enjoy her company as well.  This volunteering experience has enhanced her CV.”


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