Child Sexual Exploitation

Dumfries & Galloway in partnership with the NCPCC have launched their CSE campaign ‘It Happens Here’. CSE involves a person under 18 being groomed then manipulated, pressured or forced into sexual activity. It could be for gifts, money, alcohol, drugs, or just affection. In the beginning, the young person feels special, believing they’re in a loving relationship. They don’t know they’re being abus…ed. Then, the abuser stops being nice and is threatening or violent.
There are posters and leaflets for young people, Parents/Cares, the Public and local businesses. There will be adverts on the local buses and on Westsound radio to raise the awareness of CSE. A new website will be launched next week with more information on CSE. If you suspect a young person is being sexually exploited telephone 03033333001 and ask for Child MASH

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