BE United

BE United’s vision is for all people to enjoy the richness of life through interaction and learning from cultures different to their own.
In Dumfries and Galloway BE United are at the forefront of introducing South African culture to the region. Scotland is alive with talent, passion and energy, as is South Africa. BE United’s role is to create platforms for cross cultural sharing, skill development, confidence building and of course having fun. We do this through the arts.
In January, September and October of 2018 BE United ran a series of workshops around Dumfries and Galloway offering Pantsula and Hip Hop workshops to young people. We did this through amazing collaborations with youth groups, dance schools, primary and secondary schools across the region. Some of whom included: Penninghame Primary, Castle Douglas High School, Creative Future, Wee Fringe, InStep and many others.
Most people are familiar with or have heard of Hip Hop, but few people in Scotland have heard of Pantsula. Pantsula is highly energetic street dance that originates in South Africa. The dance began in black townships of Alexandra and Sohpiatown during apartheid in the 1960/70’s. The dance has become increasingly popular and is now danced by many people all over South Africa, and now thanks to Professor The Dancer , BE United and the Holywood Trust is danced in Dumfries and Galloway. Pantsula dance is deep in history, culture, has many stories and is a hard dance to learn.
BE United brought professional dancer Professor The Dancer from South Africa and together they have been introducing Pantsula to young people in the region. Alongside the introduction of Pantsula, BE United have offered Hip Hop workshops for young dancers.
The workshops are designed to boost confidence, develop new skills whilst introducing new culture. Learning about cultures different to our own is vitally important, as globalisation continues and people feel more and more isolated, unsure and scared, learning about one another is the first step to facilitating collaboration and cooperation.
In a world so divided there is nothing better than working to BE United…

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