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Individual Grants

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Next Deadline Monday 11th March 2019

The Trust is currently receiving a higher than normal number of applications. If you are planning to make an application to the Trust for a grant over £2,500 the next deadline date is Monday 11th March 2019. If you... Read more

The Holywood Trust News

Funding Searches Holywood Trust offers a free service to do funding searches. We offer PIN (Person in Need) & GIN (Groups in Need) Email and we can send you the forms. FUNDING NOW... Read more

TGB Gatehouse ( AKA The Gatehouse Bunker) need your help

TGB Gatehouse (AKA The Gatehouse Bunker) is looking for donations to help them move into their new premises. For the past three years, TGB has been going backwards and forwards through several different... Read more

YOYP Fun Size Tour

The YOYP ‘Fun Sized Tours’, 21st – 24th February 2019: “Would you be able to go along and promote your activities/service” The Fun Sized Tour events are happening in February 2019. The Holywood Trust has... Read more

New Application form for “Groups of Young People “

We now have a new application form for "Groups of Young People ". The group of young people must be part of an organisation to make the application and it must be the young people who fill in the application – unless... Read more

NEW Individual Application Forms

The Holywood Trust has made some adjustments to our Individual Application Form to comply with new GDPR legislation. If you have old versions please destroy them. New forms can be downloaded from our website... Read more

Youth & Philanthropy Initiative comes to D&G

Dumfries High School is excited to be involved in a new programme run by the Wood Foundation called the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative which all current S2 pupils will participate in during weekly health and wellbeing... Read more

Solway Credit Union

Have you heard about our local credit unions? There are two community credit unions based in Dumfries & Galloway and they cover the region between them. Solway Credit Union has an office in Dumfries and is available... Read more

‘I know now that anger is a normal reaction’: A daughter reflects on her mother’s death and the legacy she left behind

Lily Jenks the daughter of  Maggie Keswick Jenks who set up the Holywood Trust with her father 32 years ago speaks openly about her mothers death and how the Maggies Centres... Read more