Youth & Philanthropy Initiative comes to D&G

Dumfries High School is excited to be involved in a new programme run by the Wood Foundation called the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative which all current S2 pupils will participate in during weekly health and wellbeing classes.

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an active citizenship programme that raises awareness amongst young people about philanthropy. Pupils taking part in YPI work in small teams in their year groups, to consider the needs of their local community, identify a social issue and a charity they believe can make a positive contribution. Each participating school, each year is responsible for directing a £3000 YPI Grant to a local charity through a unique programme of team work, research and competition. YPI Scotland is all about creativity and passion, leaving the four walls of the classroom behind, and supporting the issues young people care most about. The initiative in Dumfries and Galloway is being supported by the Holywood Trust which is/who are providing the £3,000 funding. Staff at the high school are delighted to be working alongside Karen Dalgleish from the Holywood Trust on this programme.

Photo – Alistair Cairns from YPI Scotland recently launched the programme to all S2 pupils and their tutors at Dumfries High School.
YPI has also been launched in Moffat Academy and Lockerbie Academy at the end of 2017. Dumfries Academy launch on 26th Jan 2018. This is an exciting opportunity for our young people to up their skills, build confidence, work as a team and get to know the social issues locally and what Charities’s are there to help.

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