D&G Council Area Committee Fund Open

Dumfries & Galloway Council’s Area Committees are now open for grant applications for 2017/18.   Application forms and further information are available from our website at:




We are encouraging applicants to submit by email to grantapplications@dumgal.gov.uk.


Applications are accepted throughout the year but are only considered quarterly.  Area Committees will consider the first round of applications in March 2017.  Applications for this round must be submitted on or before 5pm on Friday 6 January 2017.  Further closing dates will be publicised on our website in due course.


Please be sure you have read the relevant criteria when writing your application.  If you need advice or support in completing your application please email grantapplications@dumgal.gov.uk or phone Communities Business Management on 030 3333 3000.


Only applications that are ‘complete’ at the closing date above will be considered in March.  Please submit your application ahead of the closing date in case we need to ask you for additional information.  Applications which are not complete by the deadline may not be considered until June/July 2017 at the earliest.  Area Committees will not generally consider funding events which have already taken place or projects which have started so if you are applying for funding for an event in April to June it is important you apply before this deadline.