Aldouran Wetland Garden

Aldouran Wetland Garden SCIO manages a wetland and community garden and has both adult and children volunteers in Leswalt near Stranraer. They have created a environmental art trail to run through the garden, wetland and adjoining woodland.
They have seen the creation of the new woodland path, the addition to it of the stone Dragonfly seat and the carved woodland creatures, culminating recently with the arrival of the huge carved Gruffalo.
Aldouran has been greatly improved as a valuable community resource with a resultant huge increase in visitor numbers to the site. There has been a significant increase particularly in the number of families drawn by the lure of the woodland sculptures, especially the Gruffalo.
The young people of the Aldouran Wetland Watchers are keen to help maintain the project and learn from it and are prouder than ever to be associated with it. The older children are preparing a plan at the moment for a project of their own.
We want a place where children could come to ‘explore, discover and fire their imaginations’. We have had some great feedback on the whiteboard in the bird hide. Words such as ‘magical’ and ‘awesome’ are used but most importantly frequent sightings record seeing the fairy doors and the Gruffalo ‘plus my first Red Squirrel’. The young people are not only firing their imaginations but discovering nature too. This is all the reward we need and we are eternally grateful to the Holywood Trust for enabling it to happen.

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